Man kills father in fit of rage chops his body into pieces

first_imgNew Delhi: In a bone-chilling incident, a man in Farsh Bazar area allegedly killed his father, chopped his body into pieces. The accused told police that his father used to scold him and in a fit of rage, he murdered him.The accused and his friend has been arrested in the case. The deceased’s family members alleged that he (deceased) had some property dispute with his family. Police identified the deceased as Sandesh Aggarwal. His brother said that the deceased lived alone whereas his family resides in another part of the house in Farsh Bazar area. Also Read – Cylinder blast kills mother and daughter in Karawal NagarDeputy Commissioner of Police (Shahdara) Meghna Yadav said that they have arrested accused Aman Aggarwal (son) and his friend Ayush from Farsh Bazar. “Deceased’s son said that he was scolded by his father regarding the job. He killed him in a fit of rage and then chopped his body for disposal,” said DCP Yadav. Police further said that in more than three big poly bags, the accused had kept his father’s body parts. During interrogation, accused told us that they did not have made any plan regarding disposal. Also Read – Two persons arrested for killing manager of Muthoot Finance”They might have thrown plastic bags in any dustbin or drain,” a police officer said adding that they were arrested from the spot. Deceased’s brother Rakesh Aggarwal said that there was a property dispute between him (deceased) and his family members related to the cosmetic shop owned by Sandesh.”On May 21, I made phone call to Sandesh but his phone was switched off. Later, I went to his house and knock the door. After sometime his son Aman Aggarwal opened the door,” said Aadesh Aggarwal, deceased’s brother. He further said,” When I asked him about Sandesh he told me to go and search. I went to my brother’s room which was unlocked. I again asked his son about his father but he told me that the deceased had left the house around 2 pm carrying a bag.” According to deceased’s brother, he scanned the CCTV recording but Sandesh was not seen. “I asked Aman about his mother he told me that she had gone out of station. I made phone call to Sandesh’s wife she told me to call relative’s,” added the brother. Later, Aadesh made a PCR call. Meanwhile a car stopped in front of Sandesh’s house and accused friend Ayush came out from the vehicle. Earlier the accused son stopped deceased’s brother to check his room but when the police arrived his room was searched. “When policemen strictly questioned Aman he took them to a shop which was situated in the ground floor. His friend Ayush was also there. Three polythene bags were kept and during the search, body parts of my brother was recovered,” added brother. DCP Meghna Yadav said that Aman claimed that he cut his father with the help of knife. The deceased’s family members said that Sandesh other relatives are also involved. “Family have alleged regarding the involvement of more people which is being investigated,” said DCP Shahdara. Reports were coming that he cut his father body in more than half-dozen pieces.last_img read more

Global poverty a threat to international peace Republic of Koreas leader tells

“It is only when members of the international community share each other’s burden and work together in a mutually complementary manner towards the common good that an ‘eco-systemic development’ of the world can be achieved,” Mr. Lee told the Assembly’s annual general debate.He said foreign aid must be directed to sectors that form the basis of economic development such as infrastructure and international trade.The Republic of Korea’s leader promised that his country would double overseas development aid (ODA) to enable developing countries achieve genuine growth, including achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).Mr. Lee also told the Assembly that nuclear terrorism remains the greatest threat to international peace and security, and called for international cooperation to prevent it. He noted that the Republic of Korea would host a nuclear security summit in Seoul in March 2012 and pledged that his country would ensure that the meeting will be an opportunity for the international community to build a solid system of cooperation to prevent nuclear terrorism.Cautioning against “reckless economic growth that ignores environmental warnings,” Mr. Lee said humanity must protect the environment while promoting economic development.“We must use less fossil fuel and more renewable energy, while promoting the use of safer nuclear energy,” said Mr. Lee. “The green technology devoted to meet these goals will create more jobs for people and enable us to attain sustainable economic growth for decades to come,” he added.He said hoped to see the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) enjoy peace and prosperity, and become a responsible member of the international community.“When DPRK chooses the path to mutual benefit and common prosperity, we will be ready to help in this endeavour along with the international community. I sincerely hope that this will transform the Korean Peninsula from a place of conflict and strife into a bedrock of peace in North-East Asia and the world,” he said.Meanwhile, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today welcomed Japan’s recently appointed Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda to the United Nations and expressed appreciation of the country’s active participation in the Organization’s affairs. Mr. Ban also reiterated the UN’s support for the reconstruction work in Japan following the devastating earthquake and tsunami in March.The two leaders also discussed nuclear safety and exchanged views on the situation in Korean Peninsula.Separately, Mr. Ban also had a meeting with the Chinese Foreign Minister, Yang Jiechi, during which they exchanged views on the situation in the Korean Peninsula, the Middle East peace process, Sudan and Libya. 21 September 2011The widening gap between the world’s rich and poor poses a threat to global peace, the President of the Republic of Korea, Lee Myung-bak, told the General Assembly today, urging affluent nations to step up their efforts to help developing countries achieve economic growth and development. read more

WatchApple to pull the plug on iTunes after 18 years of downloads

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Apple Inc on Monday launched a “Sign In With Apple” function to rival Facebook and Google web login accounts, drawing a contrast with rivals by stressing protection of users’ information.Apple will also tighten controls on location tracking. When users sign in with their Google or Facebook Inc profiles to third-party apps, the apps often share valuable data with Google and Facebook, a practice that Apple is looking to stop. Apple said it created a system to let users generate a random, unique email to use with each app so that users do not have to reveal their real email address.The company, meanwhile, retired the iTunes app for the Mac. Originally introduced in 2001 by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs as a way to load songs onto the then-new iPod, iTunes became sprawling over the years, letting users manage music and movies as well as handle backups and updates to iPhones and iPads. Apple said it will replace iTunes with standalone apps for music, video content and podcasts. Alphabet just dropped almost 7% on report that U.S. is mulling antitrust probe Jim Balsillie : ‘Data is not the new oil – it’s the new plutonium’ Apple unveils a new iPod Touch — the first update in four years Apple delivered the announcements to app developers who descended on San Jose, California, for the annual developer conference. Apple’s App Store is a key driver of the iPhone maker’s services segment, which brought in US$37.1 billion in revenue last year.Apple takes a cut of sales from apps sold through the store, though that practice is under scrutiny in several legal proceedings.Investors are looking to Apple’s services business to power revenue and profits as iPhone sales decline. Revenue from the company’s signature device had its biggest-year-over year drop in Apple’s most recent quarter.But the company still sold more than 10 times as many iPhones and iPads as it did Mac computers last year, so many developers focus on writing their apps for them rather than the Mac.Apple announced an update of the Mac Pro, a US$6,000-and-up high-powered machine intended for professional users such as movie editors, with pricy add-ons such as a US$1,000 monitor stand. The Mac Pro has never sold in great numbers but the device is important to Apple’s image as a technology leader and in courting the creative professionals who Jobs won over. Microsoft Corp has targeted the same users with its Surface Studio computers.The annual developer conference is occurring against the backdrop of increased scrutiny of Apple’s practices and those of other tech companies.Two sources told Reuters the U.S. Justice Department has jurisdiction for a potential antitrust probe of Apple as part of a broader review of technology companies. The department’s antitrust division and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) met in recent weeks to give the Justice Department jurisdiction to undertake a potential antitrust probe of Apple and Google, owned by Alphabet Inc, the sources said.Last month, the U.S. Supreme Court allowed an antitrust lawsuit to proceed from users who allege Apple inflated app prices by not allowing iPhones to download them outside the App Store.Spotify Technology SA, whose music service competes with Apple’s, has lodged an antitrust complaint in Europe over Apple’s App Store practices.The next version of Apple’s operating system, iOS 13, will make it faster to download and open apps.Apple software chief Craig Federighi announced at the conference new tools that will make it easier for developers to put their apps on Macs without completely rewriting the code. Federighi said developers could take an existing iPad app and check a box to get a “tremendous head start” in building the same app for a Mac.“This means one development team, for the first time, can build a single app that can span all the way from iPhone to iPad to Mac,” he said on stage.The move could broaden the apps available for Macs and give Apple more chances to make money on apps for its longest-lived product line. Apple will also update its operating systems and apps at the annual conference.Apple said its AppleTV operating system will work with Microsoft Xbox and Sony Corp PlayStation video game controllers, and said that users of its Apple Watch will be able to buy apps directly from the Watch.It also introduced a system that would let users encrypt home security camera footage with an iPad or HomePod before sending it to Apple’s cloud so that Apple will not be able to view the video once it is stored in the cloud.It also introduced an app for women to track their menstrual cycle, which will work on both the Watch and on iPhones. An app for measuring noise can warn Watch users their surroundings are too loud, but Apple noted it will not collect user recordings.Apple shares were down 1.5 per cent toward the end of the livestreamed developers conference.© Thomson Reuters 2019 read more