Womens OG 2012 Round 2 Korea rocks – Brasil 2 of 2

Fantastic Day 2 of the Women’s Handball Tournament in London. In the first match, Croatia celebrated the first Olympic victory in the history over Angola 28:23 and made a huge step to the 1/4 Final.Korea kept fantastic form and won over Denmark 25:24, which is second win over Europeans.Russia has finished with “easy games”. After Angola, team of Evgeny Trefilov took two points against home team, Great Britain 37:16.Derby match of the Day has played France and Spain 18:18 (7:10).Finally, after Croatia in the Round 1, Brasil beat Montenegro 27:25 (15:16). Brasil handballlondon 2012Women’s Olympic handball ← Previous Story OG 2012: Michael Knudsen is MVP of Round 1 – Denmark VS Hungary (Match of the Day) Next Story → Men’s Olympic Tournament 2 (ROUND 2): Balkan derby, Wilbek VS Rivera… read more