Annan to visit Washington on Thursday for meetings with Congressional leaders

Spokesman Fred Eckhard told reporters in New York that Mr. Annan will start his meetings in Washington, D.C., by holding discussions with members of the House of Representatives, including its Minority Leader, Richard Gephardt.Mr. Annan will then meet with the Chairman of the House International Relations Committee, Henry Hyde, and other members of that body, including the ranking minority member, Tom Lantos. “After a private lunch, the Secretary-General will meet with the editorial board of The Washington Post before going to the Senate side of the Hill, where he will meet with members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee,” Mr. Eckhard said. “These will include Chairman Jesse Helms and ranking Minority Member Joseph Biden.”According to the spokesman, the Secretary-General is also scheduled to hold discussions with Democratic Senate Leader Tom Daschle and with members of the Senate Appropriations Committee before returning to New York in the evening. read more