Truck being investigated by MTO

We have heard how the accident on the Skyway Bridge has affected traffic and caused structural damage. But how did this happen? Even if the driver was allegedly impaired, how is it possible to drive a dump trailer with the bed up?I’ve been told that this is more common than people think and that with just a few simple mistakes the dump box can easily rise. However the manager I spoke with today told me the driver of the truck that went into the bridge would have had enough warning signs to tell him that something was wrong.District Manager Jim Campbell says you start up the dump truck after completing an inspection of the outside. Campbell says doing a standard check is crucial before every drive”If he did his pre-trip inspection and made sure everything was functioning correctly or if when he got into the cab, the type of vehicle he had probably had controls at the side of the seats he would have been able to see the moment he got in the vehicle that something was not correct.”There are a few important components. the tailgate button, the tarp to make sure it is attached to the box and finally the power take off or PTO gage. The PTO activates the pump while the vehicle is in neutral to raise up the box. “As long as they shut the PTO off. The box is going up in the air again. That’s how easy it happens”Campbell has said the 34-year old truck driver should have been able to feel the difference while he was driving: “You actually feel the weight and the way the truck handles acceleration and deceleration, it’s all together different”And even if he couldn’t feel anything wrong, Campbell says the different warning lights and buzzers should have alerted him.Campbell said today that if the warning lights or gages weren’t working in the vehicle it would have been considered out of service. This means the driver would have been operating a dump truck that is unfit for the roads and this would be another legal issue all together. read more