Applegate’s ‘Bacon Express’ is like an Ice Cream Truck … but for Bacon

first_img Kicking It With Timber Joey of the Portland Timbers Soccer Team What is better than bacon? The obvious answer is, “Nothing, dummy.”Or it was. As of this weekend, there is something better than bacon: Free bacon that comes to your house.Even in 2017, it seems that wishes really do come true. Celebrity chef Ian Knauer and organic meat purveyor Applegate are teaming up to offer the greatest gift of all: The Bacon Express.Throughout the first half of December, good little boys, girls and gender-nonconforming individuals across the eastern seaboard will be visited by an Applegate food truck dispensing “Season’s Meatings” with a panoply of bacon-inflected treats.Launched last Saturday in Orlando, Florida, The Bacon Express is turning up at grocery stores, public parks, and holiday-themed events to offer tidings of comfort, joy and pork belly. The journey will culminate in New York City with a prime parking spot for The Bacon Express right in front of Radio City Music Hall.As a sponsor of this year’s Christmas Spectacular Starring the Radio City Rockettes, Applegate will be the star of more than just the theater’s concession stands. Christmas Spectacular attendees can expect to see their favorite organic beef hot dogs incorporated into one of the Rockettes’ most iconic numbers.The mind boggles.As of publication, The Bacon Express has already graced a tree-lighting in Orlando and an ice rink in Atlanta. This weekend brings the road show to the Alexandria Holiday Market, indulging the good people of Virginia for eight solid hours with crispy, salty, smoky treats. From there, it’s on to Philadelphia’s Dilworth Park for another all-day stint. Thursday and Friday bring the tour to its glorious high-kick finale. In all locations, we advise posting up with a lawn chair and a Snuggie in close proximity to the truck, the better to enjoy treats like bacon pecan bars, bacon-infused hot chocolate (don’t ask how), and candied bacon in such flavors as spicy maple, cocoa and cinnamon toast. Talking Food Trucks and Fusion Cuisine with The Peached Tortilla’s Eric Silverstein Editors’ Recommendations We did mention that all this is free, right?In our best Kramer voice, let’s say it together: “It’s a Festivus [read: Christmas] miracle!”Chef Ian Knauer spent nine years as a staff writer and recipe tester for sadly defunct Gourmet magazine. Along the way, he launched the Farm Cooking School and hosted cooking show “The Farm” on PBS. With farm-to-table bona fides bolstered by his family’s farm in Pennsylvania, it’s safe to say Chef Knauer knows his way around a pig.For its part, Applegate has been doing the all-natural thing since 1987, which is pretty woke for a processed meat company. They introduced the world’s first organic hot dog in 2006, and followed it up with a grass-fed guarantee in 2015. When not plotting spectacular holiday road trips, the company works toward a goal of ensuring their product sources are 100% third-party certified for higher animal welfare and that all 140 Applegate products are verified non-GMO. All that work translates to better bacon in your belly.The past year required us all to grow up, and it’s time our palates did the same. Stop waiting around for a mythologized saint to drop down your chimney. Nothing promises to wash away the taste of 2017 like a mouthful of humanely raised, conscientiously cured bacon.For those less fortunate among us — i.e., those not living on or near the East Coast — Applegate has magnanimously posted a number of The Bacon Express’ recipes on its website. Eat your heart out. And, if this isn’t enough, check out Camp Bacon. You won’t regret it.Images courtesy Applegate.center_img America’s Oldest City Has a Super-Modern Dining and Drinking Scene An Astronomically Fun Chat About Space and Wine With a Winemaker and Former Physicist What is Biodynamic Wine? A Quick and Easy Guide to the Buzzyworthy Trendlast_img read more

Shocking Video French Police Brutalize Muslim Woman in Paris

Rabat – French police brutalized a Muslim woman in an alleyway in a suburb of Paris, this morning.A shocking video captured from the balcony of a residential building in Pantin, just outside of Paris, shows a Muslim woman being beaten by half a dozen French police officers.According to eye witnesses who uploaded the video to social media networks, the Muslim woman is a mother that was protecting her son from being beaten by the police.The Muslim woman wearing a blue traditional Islamic dress was dragged, beaten and punched by the authorities, while she screamed in fear and kept on trying to protect her son who was taken into custody onboard a police car. The video has gone viral garnering over 300,000 views within a few hours. Social media users have condemned the use of force by the French authorities.“You don’t hit a mother just for protecting her children. We would have all done the same for our children. They should have just set her aside but not beat her relentlessly like that. It’s just horrible,” an outraged mother commented.“Shocking! Shame to France, I will never stop hating the police or let’s say pigs. Poor mother, they don’t deserve to live these dogs!” another user wrote.Following the attack, the woman reportedly went to Jean Verdier Hospital Emergency Department to evaluate her injuries.According to the doctor’s diagnosis posted by Islam & Info Facebook account, the victim named Zahra, suffered “physical aggression and tear gas from the police.”Her injuries include: “dorsal contusion, redness and pain, water eyes, major sprains on the right side of her body, contusion of right elbow with cutaneous bruising, and psychological shock.”The hospital recommended “partial temporary incapacity for 10 days.”The rise of Islamophobia in France has reached alarming levels following the Paris attacks of November 13.As of November 21, 32 acts of Islamophobia had been registered in France. Since then, other mosques have been closed, others vandalized, Korans have been burned by protesters, and violence, both physical and verbal against Muslims continues on the rise. read more