Fencing at the Military World Games

first_img In fencing, the athletes compete on a strip that is fourteen meters long by two meters wide. The goal is to touch the opponent to score points, and at the same time, to not be touched oneself. There are individual and team competitions in this sport, and there are three different types of weapons: epée, foil, and sabre. With the first two, the opponent may be touched only with the tip of the weapon. With the epée, the competitor scores if any part of the body is touched. With the foil, points are scored only if the torso is touched. With the sabre, the competitor is allowed to touch with the tip and with the edge of the blade, above the waist. At the Military World Games in Rio, the bouts will be shorter than they are at the World Championship. Instead of fifteen points or nine minutes, the bouts will last for five points or five minutes. In the event of a tie, there will be one extra minute. By Dialogo July 13, 2011last_img read more