The brilliant idea of ​​a teacher to fight spelling mistakes

first_imgA hospital in which the words that have been spelled wrong enterSocial networks have applauded these methods of education Image: iStock Capturing the attention of children in class can be the most complicated. The energy that overflows makes them want to be playing at all times and be still watching how the teacher explains may seem boring. For this reason, looking for techniques that get your attention and get them to learn dynamically is the best option and there are some people who are already putting it into practice.An example of this is Verónica Duque, a teacher from Valladolid who has become very popular on Twitter for her way of teaching. This teacher to teach her students the anatomy part, put on a jumpsuit that showed all the organs and muscles of the body. The image of the teacher wearing the jumpsuit surprised the entire internet and the congratulations of the users through the networks have not been lacking.Great. Spectacular. Sparkly. Intelligent. Didactic. Masterly. Surely students will not forget it in their life.– SÁNCHEZ (@ fifth of 13) December 16, 2019center_img This method of learning was a success, but the thing has not been there. Recently, this teacher from Valladolid has again surprised Twitter users with one of her latest creations. Her husband has published in his Twitter account, the “Orthographic Hospital” that Verónica Duque has designed, so that children learn to write correctly.My wife preparing new things for school ???????????? here we have a “spelling hospital” ????Every time children “slaughter” a word it goes to the hospital and depending on the severity of the error stays more or less days.– Michael (@mikemoratinos) January 18, 2020In this “Orthographic Hospital”, enter all the words that the children throughout the class have written incorrectly. Depending on whether it is a serious or lighter offense, the words must be more or less time in the hospital so that all students can remember them and not make the same mistake again when writing them.The “Orthographic Hospital of Valladolid” has opened its doors today and already has 15 words entered ???????????? Luckily all of them have minor injuries ????????The initiative has been a total success among children ????????????????????????– Michael (@mikemoratinos) January 20, 2020These ingenious ways of teaching, have made this teacher has become a role model. His impetus for having children learn in a fun way has been applauded by all many users and some have even asked for these practices to be applied in more schools.last_img

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