Oblak: “We are desperate; we made a complete game”

first_imgOblak, captain of Atlético, attended the microphone of Movistar to assess the final of the Super Cup:What feeling does this defeat leave?Well, we are desperate. We have lost by penalties, we have made a complete match, that we could win during the 90 minutes but it did not come out and in the lottery of the penalties they have scored and we have not. You have to raise your head and be positive.How have you lived the 120 minutes of the encounter?In the first part we were controlling well, there were moments when we were pressured and have had more possession, but against it we were dangerous and, as I said, although we have not had many very clear occasions, we were close and we have little left to mark a goal.The penalties. You study them, you look at them, they work but the throwing player decides where and by bad luck they have scored and we fail two. It’s football, it’s a lottery and we haven’t had a fortune.The red of Valverde. Do you understand her?It is difficult to comment. It is not nice to see it, but it has done so that we do not mark. It is a trick of light red, he has decided so and we did not have that occasion that we could have had.Have you congratulated Courtois?I congratulated Courtois and everyone. We are disappointed and have wanted to win, but unfortunately we were not lucky enough.Will it affect this defeat?Should not. It is losing by penalties, not that we have made a bad game. It has been good, like Barça, very good sections, others less … You have to take those moments and think that there are three more titles.last_img read more

The brilliant idea of ​​a teacher to fight spelling mistakes

first_imgA hospital in which the words that have been spelled wrong enterSocial networks have applauded these methods of education Image: iStock Capturing the attention of children in class can be the most complicated. The energy that overflows makes them want to be playing at all times and be still watching how the teacher explains may seem boring. For this reason, looking for techniques that get your attention and get them to learn dynamically is the best option and there are some people who are already putting it into practice.An example of this is Verónica Duque, a teacher from Valladolid who has become very popular on Twitter for her way of teaching. This teacher to teach her students the anatomy part, put on a jumpsuit that showed all the organs and muscles of the body. The image of the teacher wearing the jumpsuit surprised the entire internet and the congratulations of the users through the networks have not been lacking.Great. Spectacular. Sparkly. Intelligent. Didactic. Masterly. Surely students will not forget it in their life.– SÁNCHEZ (@ fifth of 13) December 16, 2019center_img This method of learning was a success, but the thing has not been there. Recently, this teacher from Valladolid has again surprised Twitter users with one of her latest creations. Her husband has published in his Twitter account, the “Orthographic Hospital” that Verónica Duque has designed, so that children learn to write correctly.My wife preparing new things for school ???????????? here we have a “spelling hospital” ????Every time children “slaughter” a word it goes to the hospital and depending on the severity of the error stays more or less days. pic.twitter.com/kP5Ud4W4cG– Michael (@mikemoratinos) January 18, 2020In this “Orthographic Hospital”, enter all the words that the children throughout the class have written incorrectly. Depending on whether it is a serious or lighter offense, the words must be more or less time in the hospital so that all students can remember them and not make the same mistake again when writing them.The “Orthographic Hospital of Valladolid” has opened its doors today and already has 15 words entered ???????????? Luckily all of them have minor injuries ????????The initiative has been a total success among children ???????????????????????? pic.twitter.com/uuLVWVcEN6– Michael (@mikemoratinos) January 20, 2020These ingenious ways of teaching, have made this teacher has become a role model. His impetus for having children learn in a fun way has been applauded by all many users and some have even asked for these practices to be applied in more schools.last_img read more

Fire in Barcelona: Messi crushes Abidal

first_imgMessi’s statements mean the beginning of a tremendous institutional crisis because every public statement of Messi, more if it is critical, has immediate consequences. And this is not going to be an exception. Barça is on fire. It was clear that statements as timeless as Eric Abidal’s were going to have an answer at some point. Maybe Xavi, less than Valverde … But who left in the first person was Leo Messi, Barça’s guide cross, who has crushed the sports director on Instagram. Messi took advantage of the subtitle of the Sport interview in which Abidal said that “many players were not satisfied or worked hard” to virtually sentence the sports director: “Honestly, I don’t like doing these things but I think everyone has to be responsible of their tasks and take care of their decisions. The players of what happens on the court and we are also the first to recognize when we were not well. Those responsible for the area of ​​sports management must also assume their responsibilities and above all take charge of the decisions they make. By last I think that when talking about players, we should give names because if we are not getting all dirty and feeding things that are said and are not true. “last_img read more

Davidovich criticizes Kyrgios: “He wants to show and talk about him”

first_imgAlejandro Davidovich Fokina (98 °) He has made your complete South American clay tour and was no stranger to the cruel criticism he made Nick Kyrgios in your account Instagram some days in the past. The Australian tried to “rats” to the gamers who select the brick mud over the quick tracks and connected a screenshot of the Important Draw of the Santiago ATP with the query: “One other 250 in clay whereas there are two 500 in laborious courts?” “Concerning what Kyrgios stated … he’s a participant who rides it, who wants a show and wants to talk about it. He has absolutely stated that to talk about it and proper now we’re doing it. I’ve nothing to say.”, stated Davidovich consulted by ACE.Juan Ignacio Londero, Argentinean 63rd world tennis participant, additionally referred to the brand new Australian controversy. “It appears to me that they’re opinions of every one. He doesn’t like to play on the bottom and it’s an opinion of him. Clearly I do prefer it and I don’t take it as private or that we attacked the gamers right here. All we all know what he’s like and we’ve got to take it with grace. “last_img read more

Atleti shook off Turin stigma, but now look to UEFA

first_imgAtlético shook the evil of Turin at Anfield a year later. It was on March 12, 2019 when Simeone’s team left the lead that they had (2-0) in the first leg and plunged the team into a depression that led them days later to also definitely drop out of the fight for the League. A few days after Cristiano’s hat-trick, the team crashed down into San Mamés to plunge into an unreliable spiral that they sailed through to the end of the season. He was then able to secure second place and thus put the finishing touch to the farewell of the old guard.The defeat in Turin left a feeling of loss along the way, which had made Simeone’s team recognizable above the results. That night he did not compete, he was not himself and, having shown signs of improvement, the test of leaving the champion of Europe in the lurch fills the deposits of confidence for a younger team that returns to a doctorate in the subject of suffering. A baptism of fire for the new, necessary and vital. Pending UEFA.The coronavirus health crisis has stopped the competition and Atlético will have to wait to continue its inertia. What is clear is that, emotionally, the mood is different from that of a year ago and the replacements of the old guard mature. The UEFA meeting is transcendental for everyone, especially for Atletico, who are currently out of the league-right positions in the league. In the mattress, the words of Thebes were received as a respite in which he remained determined to finish playing the championship, but that also depends on the decisions of the highest European body. For Atlético it has to be this way, that the remainder of the League is played, so as not to depend on what happens with the Champions League. It is not possible, under any circumstances, not to get a place to play the next Champions League. Otherwise it would be impossible to maintain the expense budget. Atlético plays a lot in those videoconferences today.last_img read more

Lyon temporarily suspends its players from salary

first_imgIn France, in the event of a temporary dismissal -a kind of ERTE in Spain, but with different mechanisms-, the State must pay 4.5 on the minimum wage to soccer players. And the difference between the salary left to pay the players (that is to say, in this case 70% since with the State’s money it would not be enough), the company, Lyon must pay that remainder. It’s a statement, Olympique de Lyon has announced that it temporarily suspends its footballers from wages and salaries, due to the stoppage of the coronavirus. The French team is the first team in Ligue 1 to adopt measures of this type, and with the aim of reducing expenses in a season in which it is having many losses due to the break in competition.“Given the measures taken by the authorities to combat the spread of COVID-19, and because all training and competitions at the national level have been suspended, we must announce that we have put all the sports personnel to a partial unemployment and to a temporary suspension of wages and salaries, “reads the statement issued by Lyon.last_img read more

Djokovic, to Nadal: “Can you sing a little for me, please?”

first_imgOne of many stellar moments of the radio particular broadcast on Thursday night time by Cope and Onda Cero in favor of the solidarity marketing campaign #NuestraMejorVictoria, mounted by Rafa Nadal and Pau Gasol to increase funds for the Pink Cross, was the stunning intervention of Novak Djokovic, who’s confined to Spain, particularly in Marbella, the place his brother Marko lives. The Serbian was good and joked with Nadal: “I’m listening to Rafa, and it’s a pleasure to pay attention to him to go to sleep.” After which he requested him one thing curious: “Can you sing a little bit for me please?”Nadal didn’t begin in any respect, however hummed a spice of lullaby: “Now I’m going to sing a little bit, Novak, you, you, you …”. Good vibes should not missing between two rivals who struggle for the world scepter and for the historic supremacy of tennis.last_img read more

“I signed for Real Madrid thanks to the fact that Jesús Gil was understanding”

first_imgFernando Hierro (03-23-1968, Vélez-Málaga) has given us an interview since his confinement to remember some of the most interesting episodes of his 18-year career as a professional soccer player. He has also spoken about the World Cup in Russia, where he had to replace Julen Lopetegui and, of course, how he sees football as a result of the coronavirus crisis.Do you think that the football competitions of national teams, Eurocup, World Cup, America’s Cup … have a future that can resist this pandemic, with all the people they move?I believe that they do have a future and will resist, but it is no less true that this will mark a before and after in the daily life of all of us and also in football. Now is when you have to see that football is supportive and great, and all levels of national and international football must demonstrate it. The only thing there must be is patience if we want this industry to move forward. National and international calendars are going to be disrupted and not everyone is going to be happy. But since this is something extraordinary, there must be flexibility.Do you regret having taken the National Team in the World Cup in Russia?When you make a decision, you must be convinced of it, and I was. I do not regret. I had to do it out of responsibility, because of what the National Team and the Federation meant to me. It was a very complex moment, but I would do it again if those circumstances were the same.Why was Iniesta a substitute in the World Cup round of 16 match against Russia ?; Was it one of the most difficult decisions you have had to make as a coach ?; And what would change of that party if it could be repeated?I have seen the game many times and at that moment I decided that it was the best decision to face it. I expected the game to be very physical and I thought Andrés’s freshness could be important when he came out in the second half. There are many people who at the time said that we should have risked the changes, I respect it, but we ended up playing that game the last 20 minutes with Rodrigo, Iniesta, Isco, Aspas …How long will it take for Spain to repeat the success of South Africa, which will be 10 years old?It is difficult to know. We have lived through times with a wonderful National Team, with players who had an impressive quality and that each one in his position could be in the top three in the world. We have won two Euro Cups and a World Cup in a row, which nobody has done, and it will be difficult to repeat. But the illusion is given by the generations that come from behind, the Sub 17, Sub-19 or Sub-21; The Federation has historically worked very well in that, and we have to be optimistic. With the elimination of Spain in the 2002 World Cup in Korea, with those two goals annulled by Al Ghandour, do you feel that a dream that came eight years later was taken from your generation?Our generation ran into that wall of the rooms that we went to tear down and that starting from Euro 2008 was achieved. That was my last World Cup and I believed that this was our moment, after years of trying. If we had won, Germany would have touched us and I think we would have flown, but unfortunately we found what we found.How was Antic’s process of placing you as a midfielder? Would you have liked to continue in that position as you performed in the Clemente National Team in the United States World Cup?I had never been a defender, but in my last year at Valladolid Cantatore wanted to try me as a central defender, also when I came to Madrid with Toshack, but Radomir told me that I was young and wanted me to work for the team later. It was not easy for me to play in that position, although it may seem that they are similar positions on a tactical level. A physical conflict and understanding of the game arose for me, because in the National Team he played as a midfielder and then returned to Madrid and did so in the center of defense. It was Jorge Valdano who spoke to me and told me that the team needed me to defend myself, and I ended up there, also in the national team with Camacho. The versatility helped me and the team, but I knew that over time, as had happened to others, I would end up central and ended up adapting well.Which current player could be like you, if any?It is difficult, but it would be one that mixed Sergio Ramos, due to his characteristics, and Piqué, due to his physique. We are talking about two players who have marked an era in their teams and in the National Team and who for years have been among the best in the world.Which striker kept you awake the night before you played?Ronaldo, when he was at Barcelona. I have seen him do things that I had never seen before and that I enjoyed when I had him as a partner in Madrid. You could have done a great defensive job and in a minute fell apart because he had solved the game. I also really liked Weah. Then there were other small, skilled strikers who were looking for your laps and made it difficult for you, such as Manjarín, Munitis … “I do not regret having taken over the National Team in the World Cup in Russia; I would do it again” “Many said that Barcelona had made a mistake when signing my brother … He was a great player, who also wanted Madrid and Atleti” Is it true that in 1989 you had an agreement with Atlético, you ended up signing for Madrid and Mendoza had to pay an indemnity to Jesús Gil with which he gave 70,000 watches to his partners with the inscription ‘Gift of Don Ramón ’?It is and years later I told him the story as it happened to the children of Jesús Gil, with which I have a wonderful relationship. I was at Valladolid, I was 21 years old and I was very inexperienced. They told me that my transfer by Atlético de Madrid had been closed by my president Miguel Ángel Pérez Herranz and Jesús Gil, but Madrid crossed and it was the illusion of my life. I bet hard, I was brave and I said that if I didn’t play for Madrid, I would stay at Valladolid, where I had two more years of contract. Jesús Gil was very understanding, I always thanked him and fulfilled my dream for 14 years.How was the story of your brother ending up in Barcelona? And what truth is there that later, when you were at Madrid, you were also close to going to Barça?Look, about my brother Manolo there has been a lot of opportunist who has talked a lot. Many said then that if Barcelona had been wrong, no, my brother was signed by Barça because he was a great player, who also wanted Madrid and Atleti; and that door was closed to me when I was in Valladolid and the following year I went to Madrid. It is true that when I had been in Madrid for four years, the issue of my renewal was complicated and the possibility that I could barça was rumored, but that did not bear fruit because I wanted to continue to Madrid.Would you go back to work for the Federation for the third time?The truth is that the experience of working in the lower categories of the National Team is very beautiful, how you see the boys grow, progress, how their eyes shine the first time they train with the National Team, when they put on their shirts to debut… They are wonderful memories for them and their families.Choose the three unforgettable moments in your career.As a player, when I debuted as a professional, with Valladolid, and when I made my debut with the National Team. As a sports director, when we got the World Cup in South Africa in 2010, after having achieved the Euro Cup in 2008. And as a coach, I will always be grateful for the opportunity that Oviedo gave me.center_img “We have lived through times with a wonderful National Team, with two Euro Cups and a World Cup in a row, and it will be difficult for it to be repeated” Would you like to ever sit on the Madrid bench as head coach?Anyone who asks if he would like to be on the Madrid bench what he is going to say … and more to people who have been and have carried Madrid in their hearts. But now there is a friend of mine and I am delighted that he is doing well, because if he does well, it is that he does well for Madrid, which is what all Madrid fans want.Do you think Qatar will be up to the task of organizing the next World Cup; Can it negatively impact that it is held in winter?I have no doubt that it will live up to it. When I was playing there in the 2003-04 season, they already told me that they wanted to bet on the organization of a World Cup. I think it will be a World Cup at all levels: infrastructure, organization, the weather will accompany it because it is in winter, the players will arrive in a great state …Are you in favor of the League being terminated and the classification remaining as it is, or do you think that the competition should be resumed even if it is without an audience?I would like the League and the Champions League to resume, although it has to be adapted to be in hot months and without an audience. But all the actors, CSD, LaLiga, RFEF and AFE, have to go hand in hand for the good of soccer. Now, we must also minimize risks and take into account the health of footballers and their families.Since the de-escalation has begun, what future plans do you have when a normality returns that we do not know what it will be like?I needed a time when I left the Federation after the World Cup, I got offers to train, but I decided to rest easy. When normality returns, let’s see how it is, and we’ll see if I get a nice project … “Sit on the Madrid bench? What will anyone you ask tell you, especially if he is a Real Madrid player”last_img read more

More sports in brief

first_imgJBBC Youth Boxing Tournament Caribbean Development featherweight boxing silver medallist Daniel Hilton will be the main attraction at the two-day Jamaica Boxing Board of Control (JBBC) Youth Boxing Tournament, which is set to begin this Saturday at the Stanley Couch Gym in Kingston at 7 p.m. The 15-year-old was a member of Jamaica’s five-man team that won two gold, two silver and a bronze at the regional tournament only a couple weeks ago and he will be the most recognised boxer attending the event, following his recent exploits. However, another boxer to watch will be St Thomas’ Brandon Gordon. Seven teams are down to participate in the tournament, including defending champions St Thomas Gym, Stanley Couch Gym, Bruisin’ Gym, Seaview Gym, Sugar Knockout Gym, Punching-Tech Gym and Dynamic Trench Town Gym. These gyms will feature junior boxers aged between 14 and 17 years, and youth boxers between 18 and 19 years, battling for the top honours.last_img read more

Reggae Boyz shooting to fortify ‘The Office’

first_imgFOOTBALL: CONCACAF World Cup Qualifier vs Costa Rica Jamaica’s Reggae Boyz will be aiming to make the National Stadium their fortress tonight as they seek to beat Costa Rica and lift their chances of advancing to the 2018 World Cup Finals in Russia. The Group Two CONCACAF fourth round battle will kick off at 7 o’clock at the venue which was called  ‘The Office’ during the journey  to France 98 campaign because the Boyz couldn’t lose there during the qualification campaign. In recent matches the venue has not been as impregnable as in the past. The Boyz lost 0-2 against Panama on November 13 and 2-3 on September 4 last year against Nicaragua in their last outings there. The Panama game was the opening match in this four-team semi-final round qualification. Both countries are now locked on three points after two matches. Jamaica rebounded and won their second game, on the road — 1-0 in Port-Au-Prince. Costa Rica have a perfect record in the group. They had a 1-0 home win over the Haitians and a 2-1 away success at Panama City, victories that have given them group leadership with maximum six points.      Head coach, Winfried Schäfer, views the qualification as a step by step process. “Only focus is Costa Rica, Costa Rica, Costa Rica,” he said. As they’ve branded their campaign the ‘Road to Russia’, Schäfer said along the route “we’ve many stones”. Continuing, he theorised: “We can stop or build from the stone the bridge to Russia. Many, many stones are very, very heavy and for this we need the support. “… When we win then the next step (to the final round) is we’ve to work in Costa Rica too,” he said of next Tuesday’s return fixture. “It’s the same,” he said. “Before we talk about Russia we’ve to win on Friday. We’ve to win against Costa Rica and against Panama, it’s step by step, we’ve to build.” “It’s gonna be vital in terms of progressing through this group,” key midfielder Jobi McAnuff said about the Boyz transforming their play on home territory.  “The home games are very, very important. “We’re still disappointed with the last two we’ve had and we need to make sure we transfer the away performances back here at The Office and make sure we win the game.” This is the third of six matches this round and only two will qualify to the final six, the CONCACAF Hexagonal, that ultimately decides the three or four World Cup qualifiers. “Every game is crucial, especially when it’s in a tight little group like this,” McAnuff pointed out. “There’s only four teams and it’s important not to lose, because then you lose too much ground. So if we win at home that would give us a good platform to go to the away leg and try and get another result over there.” McAnuff represents one of Schäfer’s key materials, given his leadership role on the pitch and the type of skill that saw him weave through the heart of the Costa Rica team with a dribble from half-line before scoring from inside the penalty box, when the teams last met. That was a 2-2 result at the CONCACAF Gold Cup last summer, when Jamaica were on a high and made a first-time appearance in the final. Before that, the teams also drew 1-1 at the National Stadium in World Cup qualification when Schäfer had just arrived and sprang crowd favourite Jermain “Tuffy” Anderson on to the pitch for a late equaliser. “Tuffy” is not part of this group, but practically everybody from the Gold Cup final appearance remains, with the exception of captain Rodolph Austin and striker Giles Barnes. Austin, just recovering from injury, may play the return match. In his absence Adrian Mariappa will captain the team, playing in defence alongside Wes Morgan, the captain of much-storied English Premiership leaders Leicester City, who has promised to “give his all” for the Boyz. Their presence, along with Je-Vaughn Watson, Garath McCleary, Michael Hector, Simon Dawkins and others has strengthened Schäfer’s belief that they can get a good result at home.   “The last time we lost at home – the first match the players were not ready for Nicaragua and the last match the team was not ready for the situation, one day before,” he said of pay disputes ahead of the game. “But now I think the team is ready. “They (Costa Rica) are a very good team, they’ve very good players,” he pointed out. “We played two times — 1-1, 2-2 and we’ve to watch what we’re doing at home. All players want to be in Russia.” “Very positive,” is how McAnuff labelled their attitude. “We put up a very good performance the last time we played them in the Gold Cup and to be honest they were lucky to come away with a draw. We finished very strongly and they will be wary of what we’ve got to offer.”last_img read more